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Editing Game Footage

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Before your child's raw game footage can be edited into a working demo reel, the raw footage must be logged. What is logging? Logging is simply noting what plays that you would like highlighted and when the highlighted plays appear in the raw footage. We can log the footage for you at $35/hour, or you can log the footage yourself. Although we can log the footage for you, it's advantageous to log the footage yourself. It's cheaper, and it's more efficient--you know the footage better than we do. If you would like to log your own footage, please follow the simple steps outlined below.


Please contact us to see if we are available to edit your child's footage before doing the following steps.


  1. Gather the DVDs, tapes, video files, etc. of the raw footage that you have available.

  2. Print out this video log sheet. Print it out using landscape orientation and the "fit to page" option selected.

  3. Write your name in the "client" section.

  4. Write the name of the Tape/DVD/Video File and the game in the "Tape/DVD/Video File" section.

  5. In the upper left hand corner of the page, write down the following information: 1. Your child's name, 2. Team name and jersey number, 3. Jersey colors. 4. Your contact info (email address of phone number)

  6. Start watching the footage of the first game that you have on hand. Be sure that you are able to note the video's running time (hours, minutes, and seconds).

  7. When you see a play that you want featured, note the time that you want the edited highlight to begin and the time where you want the edited highlight to end. Be sure to give yourself a couple of seconds leeway (no more than five seconds) on either end of the edit; if the clip cuts away or begins too close to a play, it's very easy for someone to miss what happened, creating a "what was that?" effect.

  8. Write the start time under the "in point" section of the log sheet.

  9. Write the end time under the "out point" section of the log sheet.

  10. Under the "Description of Play" section, write a clear, concise description of the highlighted play, e.g. "he knocks the ball out of his opponent's stick." Give jersey numbers and other details if discernible.

  11. As soon as you've highlighted all the plays that you want featured from a game, print out another copy of the video log sheet and start again.

  12. If you're taking highlights from a number of games on one DVD or tape, and you don't want to waste paper by printing out log sheets for individual games, please indicate in the "Description of Play" when each game begins or ends.

  13. If you need more than one sheet of paper to highlight a single game, please be sure to number the pages so that everything can be kept in order.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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